Senior Chief Vorak…

…is one of the Hiroshima’s General Engineers.

Character History

Vulcan male, born 2289, 6’0’’, black hair, gray eyes. Employed as a technical researcher by the Vulcan Science Institute for 37 years. Enlisted 2349, transferred to the USS Raider late 2377 and to the USS Hiroshima late 2379. Knowledgeable, calm, logical and patriarchal to his engineers. Little of Vorak’s past is incongruous with the experiences of most Vulcans. He is noteworthy, however, for joining the Vulcan Science Institute at a relatively young age. There, he conducted himself well and performed his duties diligently but gradually came to feel that Starfleet would offer him better opportunities to explore his field of expertise. He enlisted and served on various ships, earning sufficient merit to transfer to the new Starfleet shuttlecraft construction installation on Daltan Syrius in 2375.

(NPCed by Yearling)

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