Here is a list of USS Hiroshima’s missions, and brief details for each.



Overview: The Hiroshima has travelled to a distant star system in search of the missing Lorrenz.  The research vessel had reported the discovery of advanced biotech on a ruined and deserted planet before sending one final communiqué – the crew were abandoning ship and scuttling their vessel.  Now, the Hiroshima has to find the Lorrenz’s survivors – if there are any – and discover what led to the disaster, all while remaining vigilant for Romulan interest.

Synopsis: In progress.


House of Pain

Overview: The Hiroshima is called upon to officiate – and referee – a series of games.  The prize?  Rule of the planet Rokar, a world long held by the Klingons and now the flashpoint in a bitter territorial dispute between two Houses of the Empire.

Foundation’s Shadows

Overview: Troubled by news that Starfleet has been infiltrated by the beings whose technology dispatched the senior crew to the Delta Quadrant and who abducted dozens of lifeforms, the Hiroshima returns to Starbase 157 to try to uncover the truth before the Alpha Quadrant itself is lost.

Caught Between Ages

Overview: The new Hiroshima has travelled to the edge of Gorn space tasked with a display of Federation technological superiority through fleet exercises, and in the process has stumbled upon a secret that risks dragging the Federation into the Gorn Hegemony’s war with the Klingons.

A Long Time Gone

Overview: A year out of time, the crew of the recently refitted Hiroshima are charge with a dangerous new mission – return to the Delta Quadrant and determine whether the platforms’ elusive builders are friend or foe.

A Far and Distant Shore

Overview: The Hiroshima damaged, her crew battered and defeated, the ship returns to the shipyards at Starbase 157 to undergo repair and refit. While they wait, the senior crew are offered the chance to take a Klingon Bird of Prey out for a spin. Little do they realise that spin is about to catapult them into a far corner of the galaxy…

The Raven Rises

Overview: Following on from the ambush at Dal Lor, the Hiroshima is assigned to host the peace talks between the Corvi and the Kraken in the strategically important Corvus System.

Plague Wars

Overview: In the aftermath of the Romulan efforts to weaken the Federation, the big Nebula must protect the same people from a Klingon weapon of horrifying power.

Life Cycles: Romulans

Overview: USS Hiroshima responds to a planetary catastrophe created by a familiar source.  In the aftermath, however, the ship discovers something that drastically alters previous our previous understanding of the perpetrator.

Life Cycles: Youkoso

Overview: USS Hiroshima responds to a possible Borg attack in the Jespia System.


Overview: Believing that the ship’s captain was cloned, replaced and kidnapped, the officers and crew of USS Hiroshima must race against time to bring him back. This unsanctioned mission is not without its risks and only time will tell if it will be a success or utter failure.

Thin Veneer

Overview:  The thinnest veneer can cover almost any surface, and, when scraped away, what is beneath is revealed for what it truly is. 

Rocky Road

Overview: An unenventful patrol in vicinity of Starbase 514 turns nasty, when the Hirogen make a showing in the Alpha Quadrant.

Directive: Gaia

Overview: Inexplicable sensor readings, never-before-seen phenomena and more! Only, the phenomenon had been seen before, yet was hidden from sight and memory and recently re-discovered.

The Dyson Hive

Overview: First Contact (actually second) with the insectoid race, called the Klak’kati. A warp-capable species, the Klak’kati reside in a dyson sphere around a previously unseen star (though its gravitic effects are visible, as the mass is present).

Ice Capades

Overview: USS Hiroshima is far from Federation space and unable to communicate with home.  Even worse, Borg activity has been detected in the vicinity.


Overview: The Hiroshima’s XO is inexplicably attacked by an unseen foe. When the crew finds that the foe is a familiar one, it sheds little light on the mystery.

Shotgun Diplomacy

Overview: After a brief stop on Risa, USS Hiroshima is called away to deal with an impending diplomatic crisis near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Soak up the Sun

Overview: Upon successful completion of the previous mission, Chaos, the crew of USS Hiroshima is enjoying some well-earned liberty on Risa.


Overview: The USS Hiroshima is responding to a distress call from the New Moscow colony. Once there, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems…

Survival of the Fittest

Overview: Pending

Those Among Us

Overview: Pending

Shore Leave

Overview: Pending

True Loyalties

Overview: Pending