Ensign Vanya Chrios…

…is one of the Hiroshima’s Medical Officers.

Character History

Unjoined Trill Female, born in 2360. Vanya stands 1.63 m. and weighs 56.5 km. A native of Trill, Vanya served her first tour of duty out of Academy on the USS Acamar before she was transferred to the USS Hiroshima in 2383.

Daughter and grand-daughter of physicians, the one thing that sets Vanya apart from her family is the direction her medical training took her – namely, out of the private sector and into Starfleet. There were concerns, of course, that the fleet would prove too much for the sweet, bubbly Vanya; but time has proven her relatives wrong. If anything, Vanya thrives on the action and constant motion – if she feels a little fear when going into dangerous situations, well it’s just a good taste of what her patients are experiencing and more motivation to help them in whatever way she can manage.

(NPCed by al-Khalid)

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