Petty Officer Shirat… one of the Hiroshima’s Power Systems Engineers.

Character History

Bajoran female. Born 2355, 5’8’’, blonde hair, brown eyes. Fought with the Bajoran militia for two years before the Cardassian withdrawal. Enlisted 2371, transferred to Jupiter Station 2374, transferred to the USS Raider late 2377 and to the USS Hiroshima late 2379. Quiet, sometimes intent, follows orders exceptionally well, works well with Chief Parkinson. Never knowing her family name, Shirat spent her formative years on the Delkor II mining colony in Cardassian space before being shipped to Bajor in 2368, shortly after which she joined a Bajoran military cell. She was never an able combatant but proved herself a gifted engineer, acting in support of raids. She even learned to construct and deconstruct some of the simpler explosive designs then employed by the Bajorans. She joined Starfleet at her earliest opportunity and re-educated her skills for other purposes.

(NPCed by Yearling)

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