Ensign Savren Cielj…

… is one of the USS Hiroshima’s Counselors.

Character History

Born on the colony world of Nouvelle-France, a mixed Terran-Andorian colony, Savren grew up with a variety of cultural influences. He decided at an early age to pursue philosophy and psychology as his path, eventually learning more into the later. He did very well and school and at University, where he joined, as was family tradition, the Starfleet reserves. As Starfleet is stretched thin, his commission was activated as soon as he graduated and he went through an accelerated training course before being commissioned.


Savren finds people endlessly fascinating and loves to talk and watch them. He can seem aloof and distant until you get to know him, then he is all in, happy to talk, argue and laugh about anything and everything. For all of that, he takes his duties very seriously and tirelessly works to improve his knowledge and skills as a counselor and psychologist. He also keeps up with political and philosophical debates, being active on several Federation discussion groups.


Tall and slender, his skin tone is slightly paler than the Andorian average, his white hair is kept short and his eyes are a deep violet. His uniform is always precise and he dresses equally well when off duty, preferring black clothing in a severe cut.

Service Record

  • Starfleet reserve through his eight years of university.
  • Accelerated Officer Training for eighteen months to bring him up to speed.
  • Cadet cruise on the training ship USS Saint-Cyr.
  • Given Ensign rank and shipped off to his first post.


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