NPC – Chief Roger Parkinson… one of the Hiroshima’s Damage Control Specialists.

Character History

Human male, born 2348, 5’11’’, black hair, brown eyes. Enlisted 2364. Resigned from the USS Cruz 2369. Returned to active service 2373 at Utopia Planitia. Transferred to the USS Raider late 2377 and to the USS Hiroshima late 2379. Austere sense of humour, calm voice, hard to rattle, works well with P.O.1 Shirat. Coming from a small family background on an outlying colony world, Parkinson joined Starfleet, the only viable alternative for a youth on his world with skills at the time. He spent five years transferring between ships before resigning and spent the next four and a half years making his living as a maintenance foreman on Jar’s Planet. He returned to active duty during the Dominion War but never made it to the front lines until 2377 when he was transferred from Utopia Planitia. Distinctly dislikes the use of his forename, preferring ‘Parkinson’, and is extremely protective of his daughter.

(NPCed by Yearling)

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