NPC – Chief Remgar… one of the Hiroshima’s Warp Systems Engineers.

Character History

Andorian male, born 2350, 5’8’’, white hair, blue eyes. Served for several years with the Andorian defence forces. Enlisted 2372 and transferred to Utopia Planitia 2375. Transferred to the USS Raider late 2377 and to the USS Hiroshima late 2379. Sharp wit, prefers scathing comments, likes appearing mischievous. Remgar, like his brothers and sisters, joined the Andorian defence forces at a young age and excelled during his time there, but accepted a request from his uncle to apply to Starfleet. He served well during the Dominion War but was transferred to Utopia Planitia after the destruction of the USS Turpitz with the loss of three hundred lives. Continued to advance himself in his chosen field, installing warp cores in runabouts and shuttles. And he no longer tries to hit people for calling him Regmar instead of Remgar.

(NPCed by Yearling)

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