Lieutenant Commander Merin Mez…

…is the Executive Officer of USS Hiroshima, a thoughtful scientist from Trill.

Character History

Merin was born to Kyr and Lyrin Mez prematurely. Both parents were exacting and put a heavy burden on their children to achieve greatness. For Merin, it was to be joined. As a result, she was placed in several programs to make her a strong match for joining. She was enrolled in advanced science and math courses along with the Kar-Ris dancing martial arts. In these areas she excelled. But it came at a price on the young girl. Time with her family was limited and social encounters were through her studies. Merin’s one time of rest was the two week vacation her family would take to her grandparents which was located near a vast forest and a meandering river. There she could fish with the grandfather or take walks with her grandmother. Often she could be alone with nature.

This life came to an end at the outbreak of the Dominion War. Her family was enroute to Bajor for a musical symposium when their ship came under attack by Jem’Hadar. Their ship was badly damaged and her mother, father and brother were among the dead. They were rescued by the USS Relentless and dropped off on Bajor. It would take two months before the young girl would be reunited with her grandparents and in that time, her sister Eliria committed suicide. Merin’s spirit was buoyed by the kindness of a Bajoran; Vedic Rel who looked after orphans.

After her return to Trill, Merin was at a loss. Long had she been under her parents strict plans and the sudden absence of their presence and guidance left a void. She floated through her regimen and even abandoned a great deal of her studies. Though she kept her studies of Kar-Ris, she was a ghost of her former self.

A year after her family’s death, Vedic Rel came to Trill and during her stay, paid Merin a visit. The two talked for the entire day and by the time Vedic Rel left, Merin seamed more at ease. Over the next several months, Merin reengaged with many of her studies, though now it was her own choice, and soon she would add new studies she was interested in.

Enlisting in Starfleet, Merin entered the science track with emphasis on quantum physics, thermodynamics and social sciences as well as additional studies in flight control, and systems engineering. Upon graduation she was assigned to the Nova-class USS Schrodinger where she assisted in the study of a binary black hole system. Should would continue to served with distinction until an experiment on quantum gravity bending resulted in an accident and needed to spend time in light duties for convalescence where she was transferred to the reserve fleet. During this time, she completed her training to become an executive officer.


Merin is amicable enough though prone to fits of social awkwardness. She also has fits of darker moods and broods at times, especially if her time with Kar-Ris is severely limited. Merin is a lover of nature and can be enamored with such sights or stories.


Long black hair and deep green eyes, Merin has a dancer’s physique5’11’’/160 lbs, grey eyes and black hair that’s beginning to grey.

Languages spoken

Federation Standard English


  • Kyr Mez: Father (deceased)
  • Lyrin Mez: Mother(deceased)
  • Tobin Mez: Brother (deceased)
  • Eliria Mez: Sister (deceased)

Service Record

  • USS Schrodinger: Researcher/pilot
  • Starbase 283: Researcher/research system designer
  • USS Atlantis: Chief Science Officer
  • USS Graf Spee: Acting Executive Officer

Date of Service: Merin Mez was reassigned to the Hiroshima-B from her secret posting on the USS Hiei on 25 August 2019.


Captain’s Personal Merit
Departmental Service Badge: Command
Merit of Time Served
Service Citation

Mission Ribbons

Unit of Merit Award (Gold)
Unit of Merit Award (Silver)

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