Lt. (JG) Jenny Hanmore…

… is the Hiroshima’s Chief Flight Control Officer and a skilled shuttle pilot.

Never do things others can do and will not, if there are things others cannot do or will not do.

Amelia Earhart


She’s 39 years of age and hails from the United Kingdom.

Character History

Race: Human
Date of Birth: 2360
Place of Birth: Wrexhall, Wales, United Kingdom

Genevieve Allison Hanmore was raised within sight of The Parish Church of St Giles in Wrexhall. Born mere kilometers from the only home she would know, Jenny Hanmore was the second, and last, child of Ian and Valerie Hanmore. Ian was (and is) a revered starship engineer, who currently designs high-end shuttles for the Sembly Corporation, while Valerie is a mechanical engineer, whose work on flight control systems has been utilized on several Sembly products, as well as some of Starfleet’s front-line vessels. As a note, Sembly Corporation’s Design Bureau is located in Wrexhall, thereby explaining her family’s choice of location.

If anything ever excited young Genevieve Hanmore, it was flight. Her father’s hobby was early flight and little Jenny tended to tether herself to him whenever he was out flying and maintaining fixed-wing aircraft. With a brother that couldn’t care less about antique flying toys, she became closer and closer to her father and, learning by osmosis, knew enough at age eight -even though she could not fly solo until age thirteen- to pass flight assessments.

Jenny’s skill at the stick of normal craft, and the controls of shuttles, did not go unnoticed by her father or his colleagues. Spoiled by her father’s connections, Jenny often flew the best, and fastest, shuttles available: namely, the Sembly racing series. Fully licensed on her thirteenth birthday, Jenny only had to wait for ten months to secure a spot on the Sembly racing team. Excelling in low-altitude and slalom events, Jenny Hanmore soon had an impressive collection of trophies to line her bookshelf and, consequently, became a member of the Sembly Demonstration Team two years later.

Owing largely to her long pattern of success at the controls of shuttles, and probably helped by her Class Seven Pilot rating, Genevieve Alison Hanmore received an appointment to Starfleet Academy, entering as a member of the Class of ’82 in 2378. Good grades and skill in the pilot’s seat did not entirely counterbalance her quick (and sharp) tongue, temper, and propensity to leap, half-cocked, into situations. Never in so much trouble that she was at risk of continuing, she did spend quite some time in Remedial Detail (colloquially referred to as Hack), where she honed her ability to polish metal surfaces and wax decks to a sheen.

A favorite in her flight classes, Jenny was chosen to be a student mentor and helped a good number of fellow cadets make it through the academic coursework in flight. In return, she received an equal share of assistance in some of the technical courses, making for a fair trade for all involved. She was also a member of the shuttle demonstration team for all four years, and voted as the team captain as a Junior and Senior.

Upon graduation, Jenny was chosen to attend two extremely selective post-graduation courses in shuttle flight. Fewer than five percent of flight control officers attend either; Jenny Hanmore attended (and passed) both. She is also a certified flight instructor and is working on her Class Eight Pilot rating – virtually unheard of for a pilot of her age because few have the required flight hours to qualify. When at the controls of smaller craft, Jenny Hanmore flies ‘as smooth as silk’. However, this talent doesn’t quite translate to the control of larger vessels; consequently, she’s a rather average capital ship helmsman.


Confident and temperamental, Jenny has always been known as a bit of a hot-headed individual. In keeping with this tendency, her mother has always called her ‘my little redhead’, even though her hair had never matched the moniker. A smart girl, she was more than once accused (rightly so) of being even more smart-mouthed than smart-brained, a trait that landed her in more than a small amount of hot water with teachers and instructors. Unsurprisingly, she is also extremely competitive and fearless to the point of nearly being dangerous. Her loyalty to self, ship, and mission balances this out somewhat.

As a side note, Jenny Hanmore is an impatient lass. She likes things to occur quickly and efficiently, for instance, and, when flying, prefers to operate in the upper ranges of speed.


At 5’5″, Jenny Hanmore is built light and lithe. Her long brown hair (normally in a ponytail) matches her rather nondescript green-flecked brown eyes, but she’s far from unattractive. While unlikely to win any notoriety as a runway model, she gets more than her fair share of attention.

Lieutenant (JG) Jenny Hanmore, Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant (JG) Jenny Hanmore, Chief Flight Control Officer

Languages spoken

Federation Standard (English) with clips and phrases of Spanish and French from grade school (mostly forgotten)


Father: Ian Hanmore (56)
Mother: Valerie Hanmore (55)
Brother: Christian Hanmore (30)
Sister-in-Law: Iliana Petrovna-Hanmore (31)
Niece: Anastasia Hanmore (3)

Jenny remains very close to her family, and especially her father. She also has a tendency to spoil her little niece, much to the chagrin of her brother and sister-in-law.

Service Record

Cadet, Starfleet Academy: 2378-2382
Student, Starfleet Shuttle Tactical Course: 2382
Student, Advanced Flight Training: 2382-2383
Ensign, USS Hiroshima – Flight Control Officer, 2383-2391
Lieutenant (JG), USS Hiroshima – Chief Flight Control Officer, 2391-present 

Date of Service: Jenny Hanmore’s non-NPC service began on 19 July 2011.


Bronze Star
POW Ribbon of Sacrifice
Professional Merit
Zefram Cochrane Writing Award
Rose Award
Creativity Award
Purple Heart x2
Departmental Service Badge: Command
Zefram Cochrane Medal of Exploration
Non-Player Character Award
Gold Service Merit x9
Merit of Time Served
Service Citation

Mission Ribbons

Gold Unit of Merit Award
Silver Unit of Merit Award x6
Bronze Unit of Merit Award
Tour of Duty: Romulan
Tour of Duty: Klingon
Tour of Duty: Deep Space
Hiroshima-A Service Medal

Secret Ribbons

Shiny Pin for Secret Page Alpha

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