Ensign Hugh Miller…

…is one of the Hiroshima’s Science Officers.

Character History

Human male, 1.80m, hazelnut hair

Hugh was born on Earth and started studies in cosmology and warp physics in New York. Soon afterwards, he realized that he was not made for a great academic career, as he was not interested in becoming an idiot savant, specialized on a tiny topic. So after his exams, he joined Starfleet. Hugh is a very reliable officer with a broad knowledge, who lives for his work and frequently pulls extra-shifts. Instead of building up great theories, he has the ability to come up with simple and practical solutions, a seldom talent among scientists. Already knowing Jean-Pierre LaSalle from his studies in New York, Hugh and Jean-Pierre became good friends onboard the Hiroshima.

(NPCed by Yearling, formerly LaSalle)

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