Captain Evan Yearling…

… is the Commanding Officer of USS Hiroshima. He’s 49 years old and hails from Luna.

Captain Yearling is a legend!

He had my favourite pot of tea prepared when I boarded the Hiroshima for inspection.
Admiral Kathryn Janeway
Starfleet Command

Qapla’ Captain Yearling

Captain Yearling showed honour by suffering the Ritual of Twenty Painstiks on Qo’nos and not crying about it like a human pa’thak.
Chancellor Martok
Head of the Klingon Empire
Evan Yearling

Character History

Evan Yearling was born in 2347 in New Berlin, Luna, Earth’s only natural satellite, into a rich business family dealing primarily in isolinear chips and their next generation counterparts, bio-neural circuitry, before subsequently moving into starship design and construction. His father, a former Starfleet engineer, had inherited much of the daily running of the business of the Hayes Workshop after the rightful heir, his mother, was incarcerated for conducting illegal genetic experiments based on eugenics technology banned in the Federation. When he was little older than 6 she packed her bags and left the Federation with him in tow, and for almost 5 years they toured the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, but upon returning to Earth to retrieve a significant portion of her vast inheritance she was located and apprehended by the authorities. With the responsibility for the company lying solely on his shoulders, Evan’s father retired from the service and took up the reins.

For a time Evan had intentions of joining his family’s company until advances in the bio-neural technology his family had not yet invested in came to his attention. After arguing long and hard on the subject, he rejected his father’s views that they should wait until the new experimental technology was tried and tested and left. Furious, Evan joined Starfleet in the hopes of staying abreast of new advances and proved himself to be an excellent engineer. When it came time to graduate, however, he instead opted to remain in the Academy for another year to undergo supplemental training in experimental studies, from where he went on to R&D for two years to work with warp cores and, on occasion, helping to refit older vessels.

In 2372 Evan was offered a place as assistant systems analyst aboard the USS Anubis, one he took gladly as the Anubis was a prototype starship that showed much promise on paper but had yet to be tested in practice. For a year the Anubis travelled through space, testing new weapons, warp cores and nacelles.

In 2373, Evan’s eldest brother died in a factory accident on Earth and the young officer returned home. His father asked him to come back into the fold, to resign his commission and carry on the work his brother had been doing, but Evan declined. Seeing that his family had finally elected to invest in newer technology, he moved away from his research career for a time and joined the crew of the USS Sovereign as a warp core specialist. He remained on the Sovereign for a year, but after the ship was crippled in battle during the early months of the Dominion War and returned to drydock for extensive repairs, Evan was reassigned to Starbase 74, where he employed his experimenting skills on new classes of vessels under construction there.

USS Raider: During the ship’s first mission with its new crew the USS Raider encountered an artificially created wormhole with unknown temporal characteristics. The Raider was pulled through, at which point the crew located and brought aboard what they suspected to be half of a two-part wormhole generator responsible for their transference. With the assistance of the ship’s Chief Science Officer Evan managed to get the device working again, allowing the ship to eventually return home.

On a mission to investigate the loss of communications with the Sarkona scientific facility in the Xavix 9 system the Raider encountered an unusual experiment. Under the control of Cardassian militants, Borg nanoprobes and recently assimilated scientific personnel were put to use as shock troops to attack the Raider and her away team. The Cardassians were defeated, their drones deactivated by an alternating subspace field pulse initiated by Evan, but their ship, the CDS Dik’tat, had a surprise in store for Evan’s engineering team when it went over to assist in restoring power to the Raider: a modified Borg control node that was emitting high quantities of Borg nanoprobes, infecting anyone who came into contact with them. Two members of the team fell under the node’s influence and took their comrades captive. Evan, using what little equipment he had with him, disrupted the Borg control centre long enough for the badly damaged Raider to beam everyone out.

Another mission saw the senior crew of the Raider stranded on an abandoned mining moon due to the treachery of a renegade Romulan called Commander Torak. Nominally seeking restitution for his acts of piracy and plunder, Torak lured a trio of Starfleet vessels to the planet for talks. Evan and the Raider’s science officer once again paired up, this time discovering that their temporary living quarters were completely riddled with listening devices. Deactivating them did little good, as Torak bombed the conference centre. The negotiation team survived, but was forced into a running fight with scores of Romulans as they tried to escape into the lower sections of the mining station. Many died before Evan found and reactivated an industrial transporter system. The survivors beamed to the surface, from where the Raider – the only surviving ship of the trio by that time – brought them to safety.

In the Raider’s last major mission before its decommissioning the crew journeyed to the Class Y planet Besiltas 9, again to investigate the loss of contact with a scientific station, this time a Hazardous Environment Research Facility, or HERF. The communications problem turned out to be a routine maintenance issue, but shortly after the Raider entered the system it and the HERF were attacked by a squadron of ships under the command of Seflan Dane, an infamous Orion pirate. The XO led the away team, fighting off the invaders, but the CO was badly injured on the Raider. Evan was forced to take command of the ship shortly after the battle commenced, keeping the crew alive long enough for help to arrive.


Evan Yearling does his best at whatever he puts his mind to, and is always astonished when others remark how well he has done in a field outside his chosen profession. He sometimes chooses to remain apart from others, for reasons of personal comfort more than anything else, but will involve himself with group activities if invited. He has a sharp mind, and is at his happiest when he is working on revising his warp field designs or experimental subspace field theories.

Irregularities: Strangely, Evan’s time with his mother while she was on the run for conducting her illegal eugenics experiments is little more than a vague memory in his mind. What he does remember amounts to little more than scattered fragments about laboratories, ships and a few flashes of his mother at a console. His father refuses to say anything further on the topic and Evan has never wished to visit his mother in prison. Another oddity about Evan is that, as with engineering, he is good with virtually everything. Besides being an extremely skilled technician, at the Academy he exceeded in medicine, tactical evaluations and physical training, and shows a greater aptitude for a number of other subjects than would normally be expected for an officer in his chosen field.


5’11’’/160 lbs, grey eyes and black hair that’s beginning to grey.

Languages spoken

Federation Standard English


Thomas Yearling (father) and Lisa Rhodes (stepmother)

Ellian Hayes-Yearling (mother, incarcerated);

Bernard (d. 2373) (brother);

Michael (b. 2356) (half-brother) – Serell (sister-in-law), Kem and Tarmes (niece and nephew);

Michelle (b. 2356) (half-sister) – Gearóid (brother-in-law), James, Liam and Seán (nephews);

Tristen (b. 2361) (half-brother) – Eloise (sister-in-law), Deirdre and Isolde (nieces)

Dallas (nee O’Connell) Yearling (accidental wife; annulled) – Starfleet Diplomatic Corps

Service Record

  • 2365-69 Cadet – Cadet – Starfleet Academy
  • 2369-70 Ensign – Experimental Studies – Cadet Academy
  • 2370-72 Ensign – Warp Propulsion – Starfleet R&D
  • 2372-73 Ensign – Asst. Systems Engineer – Anubis Project
  • 2373-74 Ensign – Warp Propulsion – USS Sovereign
  • 2374-77 Lt. (JG) – Starship Design – Starbase 74
  • 2377-78 Lt. (JG) – Chief Engineer – USS Raider
  • 2378-80 Lieutenant – Chief Engineer – USS Raider
  • 2380 Lieutenant – Chief Engineer – USS Hiroshima-A
  • 2380-87 Lieutenant Commander – Chief Engineer – USS Hiroshima-A
  • 2387 Lieutenant Commander – Acting Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-A
  • 2388 Commander – Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-A
  • 2388-94 Captain – Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-A
  • 2394-Now Captain – Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-B


Character of the Year
Silver Star x3
Zefram Cochrane Writing Award
Montgomery Scott Engineering Award
Ribbon of Commitment x2
NPC Award x2
Friendship Award
Plot Development Award
Purple Heart
Service Accommodation
Training Badge
Zefram Cochrane Medal of Exploration
Good Conduct Medal
Departmental Service Badge: Command
Departmental Service Badge: Service
Creativity Award
Tactical Superiority Award
Humanitarian Cross
Technical Medal x3
Library Excellence Ribbon x4
Unit Citation x2
Crew’s Choice Award x3
Professional Merit
DeForrest Kelley Humor Award
Plot Development Citation x2
CO’s Personal Merit x4
Distinguished Service Cross
Gold Service Merit x17
Merit of Time Served x2
Service Citation x2

Mission Ribbons

Unit of Merit Award – Gold x4
Unit of Merit Award – Silver x10
Unit of Merit Award – Bronze x9
Sim of the Year (2001 and 2008)
Sim of the Month (Feb 2005)
Tour of Duty: Borg
Tour of Duty: Klingon
Tour of Duty: Romulan x2
Tour of Duty: Deep Space x2
Tour of Duty: Breen
Tour of Duty: Cardassian
Joint Service Commendation x3
Hiroshima-A Service Medal

Sub-Plot A

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