Lieutenant (JG) Stephanie Allison Davies-Muir…

…is the Acting Chief Engineer of USS Hiroshima.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Birthday: 3 July, 2368

Birthplace: Aberdeen, Scotland, in what was once the United Kingdom

Character History

The last of three children, Stephanie Davies-Muir enjoyed (sometimes without realizing it) being the baby of the family and was exposed to a great many things along the way. Her family lived poorly, for the most part, because her parents were obsessed with travel. Living within the constraints of a tight budget enabled them to take many trips on Terra, as well as a few interstellar journeys. While all three children benefitted from the experience, some of the best trips were later on, while the other two were away at school.

Frequent travel was probably a major part in her decision to apply to -and attend- Starfleet Academy. The rest of the reason had a lot to do with a particular boy, who’d made it known that he was applying. Applying was a bit of an impulsive act by Stephanie, especially since she wasn’t really ‘together’ with him -which, perhaps, tells one a good deal more about Stephanie than anything else. Regardless, the relationship-that-wasn’t never came to fruition of any sort, as the Academy only took one applicant from her region that year (we can guess who).

Socially a bit frivolous, she is a hard working and diligent student. This is likely because she rather enjoys being accepted and cherished, which seemed to happen whenever she received high marks in a subject. This need for acceptance did not come so much from a lack of such, but more from her enjoyment of that which she so commonly received.

Starfleet Academy brought one Stephanie Alison Davies-Muir down to earth in a hurry. Suddenly thrust into an institution that accepted only the best, she found herself saddled by relative mediocrity for the first time in her life. As a result, her freshman year was a near disaster and she needed frequent tutoring sessions to keep up. Nevertheless, she did not give up and, over the next three years, her efforts paid off.

The most unique thing about Steffi’s Academy experience was that she was selected to participate in two internship-like assignments, both on Galaxy-class explorers. During these assignments, she qualified Engineering Watch Officer, as well as Operations Watch Officer and generally acquainted herself with the engineering layout of the Galaxy-class.


Disposition: Stephanie Davies-Muir is a hard working young woman whose main flaw is her constant seeming need to socialize. Often found with a smile on her face, she is dependable and a definite team player.

Likes: Social gatherings, chocolate (in any and all its forms), Italian food and French pastries. She is also very fond of the sea, although she opts more for the beaches of colder climes. Beautiful settings, to her, often involve a fair amount of thick fog and, if she could, she’d spend every day in a sweater. As such, she found the weather at Starfleet Academy to be quite close to perfect.

Dislikes: Stephanie is not overly fond of aggressive personalities and is especially uncomfortable around Klingons, Tellarites and some Andorians. She has yet to meet any Chalnoth or Naussicans and believes that she would be similarly put out by them. Overbearing leadership styles also rub her the wrong way, although she has come to understand that she has little choice in the placement of those officers above her.

Strengths are her can-do attitude and general congeniality

Weaknesses are that she isn’t really a master at anything, as well as difficulty dealing with more militant races and personality types

Ambitions: Steffi doesn’t quite know yet, actually. She’s excited to begin a Starfleet career, but not yet certain that she’ll make a life out of it.

Hobbies & Interests: Travel is her biggest hobby. She is interested in the unknown and seeing what was ‘out there’.


Height: 5’4.5”

Weight: 120

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Greyish-Green (can appear blue in certain light)

Physical Description: Coming in at just over 5’4″, Stephanie (Steffi) is slight of build. Her complexion is very fair, although she does carry more than a few faint freckles on her nose, cheeks and forehead. She has flecked eyes that are mostly green and (her most noticeable characteristic) long, very wavy red hair that often misbehaves, despite her best efforts.

Languages spoken

Terran with smatterings of phrases helpful to tourists in Bajoran, Betazoid, Andorian, Vulcan


  • Spouse: Single
  • Children: None
  • Father: Ethan Davies
  • Mother: Kaitlyn Muir
  • Brother: Ian Faen Davies-Muir (27)
  • Sister: Alison Kaitlyn Davies-Muir (24)

Service Record

  • Starfleet Training: Starfleet Academy (Engineering and Operations subspecialty)
  • Post-Academy Training: 8-month Fleet Maintenance and Operations Course (including 2 space assignments)
  • USS Faraday: Engineering Officer

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