Petty Officer Buerik… one of the Hiroshima’s Engineers.

Character History

Bolian male, born 2355, 5’8’’, blue eyes, slightly bulky. Worked aboard his cousin’s freighter for four years. Enlisted 2375, assigned to Utopia Planitia 2376, transferred to the USS Raider late 2377 and to the USS Hiroshima late 2379. Quirky but his close friendship with Chief Remgar and Chief Parkinson has diluted some of his more ‘Bolian’ traits, humorous but ill-suited to witticisms, decries his work but actually takes great pride in it. Buerik’s family wanted him to become a great space captain and practically physically forced him into that role by signing on as first mate with his cousin at the age of 16. He did not, however, rejoice in this role and, more often than not, found he was spending more time fixing the ship’s systems than giving commands. His cousin supported his decision to join Starfleet even if the rest of his family was less than happy. Ever since, Buerik has openly belittled the work he currently does but, as his friends know, his comments are good natured and rarely truthful.

(NPCed by Yearling)

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