Petty Officer Bertie Valanti… one of the Hiroshima’s Sensors Specialists.

Character History

Human male, born 2359, 6’0’’, blonde hair, brown eyes, quite pale. Enlisted 2376, transferred from the USS Augustus to the USS Raider for undisclosed reasons 2377. Transferred to the USS Hiroshima late 2379. Quite naïve, often seems fuddled, unsure of himself, guileless, waning enthusiasm. The youngest child of six, Alberto ‘Bertie’ Valanti decided to make a break from the humdrum of his family life and escape to the great adventure that was Starfleet. Enlistment dissuaded him of many of his rose-tinted preconceptions but he persevered regardless. His superior officer on the USS Augustus was less than pleased with this latest recruit and endeavoured to have him transferred to elsewhere, but it was on that next posting that Valanti’s gift with sensor systems came to the fore. While he is rarely trusted with many technical tasks for fear he will somehow inflict catastrophic damage, he is practically allowed a free hand with the Hiroshima’s scanners.

(NPCed by Yearling)

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