Lieutenant Commander Adrianna Maye Darney…

… is the Chief Medical Officer of USS Hiroshima.

Adrianna Darney
Adrianna Darney


A human medic, Adrianna Darney once served as the Hiroshima’s Chief Medical Officer before leaving to pursue her career elsewhere. What happened to her afterwards, and the circumstances of what brought her back to the Hiroshima, remain a mystery…

Character History

Adrianna grew up near the Utopia Planita Shipyards where her father worked, which exposed her to differing races and cultures at a young age. She gained an early interest in Starfleet; as a child she first (as young children do,) yearned to be a Starship Captain. Her father nurtured the urge in her, recognizing her inherent abilities. He dreamt of her becoming a fine Starfleet Engineer… surpassing him; the lowly blue collar shipbuilder. However, after her mother passed away when Adrianna was ten, (from an unexplained illness purportedly contracted from one of the passing exploratory vessels), Adrianna’s interest in pathology began… a seemingly morbid fascination with death, and the elements that cause it. Adrianna devoured any medical text she could get her hands on, even to the point of visiting ships coming in for repairs and “interviewing” whatever medical officers would put up with being questioned by a mere child. Thus she was eventually adopted by the itinerant medical community as a mascot of sorts. The child being spoiled like a little lost puppy, her inquisitive nature toward all things medical being irresistible to those already in the field, enabling her to assist in many minor medical procedures at a young age. She enrolled at Starfleet Academy on the day she turned 17 with not stars and nebulae in her eyes like most soon-to-be cadets, but hyposprays instead.


Shy to a fault, she is quite happy to be a loner. Though gifted intellectually, she is very insecure in social situations, and prefers to avoid them entirely. Oftentimes she gets so absorbed in her work and thoughts that she tends to unintentionally tune others out. She’s sometimes seen as being arrogant and aloof, but in reality, she’s nothing of the sort to those few who bother to break down her barriers, not an easy task. She is extremely dedicated to her work, and really does need other hobbies.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Adrianna is very competitive when it comes to her work. This can usually be both a strength and a weakness, depending on the situation. She has a passionate love for xenobiology, and has excelled both academically and professionally in that field. Along the way, she has also developed a strong interest in forensic pathology.She has a strong perfectionistic streak but can never quite live up to her own standards. Though she expects perfection from her subordinates as well and has little patience for frivolity.


Height: 5′ 7

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Chestnut brown

Adrianna Darney

While attractive, Adrianna is of average height and weight. She normally wears her long straight hair pulled back from her face in an unflattering low ponytail. She does not stand out in a crowd. She is usually watching her feet, or has her nose in a PADD when she walks. She rarely makes direct eye contact with others.


* Father: Walter Carl Darney, (Retired) Senior Shipbuilder, Utopia Planita Shipyards
* Mother: Opalinda Grace (Xian) Darney – Deceased
* Siblings: None
* Spouse: David Louis Dawson – Deceased 2382
* Children: Medical Guardian of Morrigan Kyushu, currently living in a group home at Tranquility City, Luna.

Service Record

2378:- Starfleet Academy, Starfleet “Basic” Training
2379:- Starfleet Academy, Medical School, Clinical program at Spacedock 18
2380:- Starfleet Academy, Medical School, Residency at Trinity Hospital, Centari IV 
2381:- Starfleet Academy, Medical School, Internship: USS Vasquez
2382:- Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy, continued to serve as Medical Officer on USS Vasquez. Requested transfer to USS Valiant upon death of Husband.
2383:- Served on board USS Valiant, but was granted Leave Status to attend injured father back on Earth.
Late 2383:- Transferred to USS Kyushu, as Chief Medical Officer.
Late 2384:- Transferred to USS Hiroshima, as Chief Medical Officer.
Current Status/Whereabouts: Unknown

Academic Background: * 2375-2378 – Attended Sighsing University Medical School, Xenobiology, also specializing in xenopathology. Graduated Summa Cum Laude.
2378 – Accepted to Starfleet Medical.
2382 – Graduated Starfleet Medical, having completed required clinical, residency and internship programs on several Starfleet ships and Medical facilities.

Date of Service: Having previously served on the Hiroshima-A from 9 March 2011 to 20 September before leaving to care for the former captain’s medical needs later that year, Adrianna Darney returned on 10 May 2016, with the second stint viewed as a straight continuation from the point the first stint ended.


Creativity Award x2
Patterson Ribbon of Excellence
Non-Player Character Award
Zefram Cochrane Writing Award
Professional Merit x4
Purple Heart
Library Excellence Ribbon
CO’s Personal Merit x4
Good Conduct Medal
Gold Service Merit x5
Merit of Time Served – USS Hiroshima
Service Citation – USS Hiroshima
Merit of Time Served – Pre-Hiroshima
Service Citation – Pre-Hiroshima

Mission Ribbons

Gold Unit of Merit (Quarter 1 2021)
Silver Unit of Merit
Tour of Duty: Deep Space
Hiroshima-A Service Medal

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