Starship Tour: Command

Command Department is, as the name implies, responsible for all high-level decisions on USS Hiroshima. These include, but are not limited to, tactical employment and positioning of the ship, alert status and how to best carry out orders from higher command.  

Bridge:   All ship’s operations are directed from the bridge. As such, the many bridge stations are manned at all times when underway (only the Captain may relax this requirement). Sensors (operations and/or science), Flight Control and Tactical systems are operated by the Bridge watch team.

Ready Room:   The Ready Room onboard USS Hiroshima is a versatile space. Owing to the large size of the ship’s saucer section, the space is able to comfortably accommodate the entire senior staff. As such, the Ready Room serves as the Captain’s private office, briefing room and any other necessary function.

Executive Officer’s Office:   Again, owing to the size of the ship, the Executive Officer has a private office, which opens to the ship’s administrative spaces. This gives the XO excellent access to the Yeomans’ Shack and enables oversight of all administrative functions.