Lt. (JG) Shron Ezlam…

…one-time engineer, is the Hiroshima’s Asst. Chief of Security.

Character History

Shron Ezlam was born on Starbase One, above Earth, in one of the Medical clinics just outside of airlock seven.  His mother was a natural workaholic  and liked to stay close to her work, when it was time for Shron to be  delivered she headed to the nearest Medical wing, giving birth to the very  blue Human-Andorian child.  His family consisted of his father Shoro and  mother Deena on Earth in their Starfleet issued apartment in Seattle, this  however changed to a very rural Tennessee after both of his parents were  offered assignments on different ships.  They both came to the conclusion  that it would be bad if Shron went with just one parent so they decided to  leave him with his grandparents, on a farm, in the middle of nowhere.

Shron while living in rural North America was able to see some of the outside  world in the different markets they visited that were around them.  While  there he learned of the many wonders that were replicators, warp cores, and  transporters.  He became engrossed in what they were and bought books,  schematics of different levels of technology that he knew existed but, never  got to use them.  Ezlam soon found his way out of Tennessee when his father  decided to help him get into Starfleet by getting him an internship aboard  the ship he was serving on, the USS Sarek.

Shron soon found himself in the world of technology he had been dreaming  about for so long.  He immediately found himself working twelve hour days  completely enveloped in tinkering with technology just for the fun of it.  He  later took classes onboard the Ambassador-class ship that would help him  later on with Starfleet Academy.  While onboard he met the quirky pilot  Wintrow and soon grew close to him exploring the likely hood of something  more than friendship.  Their relationship stayed strong even after a  kidnapping attempt, an invasion, and a surprise visit to their families.

Shron Ezlam was in the middle of his two year assignment when he and his father were recalled to Earth because of his mother’s death.  Shron decided to stay on Earth and go to the Academy to finally become an officer in Starfleet.  While attending the Academy both of his grandparents died and his father took an assignment on the other side of the Federation.  With no one to turn to, Shron decided to take a brief assignment onboard the USS Sarek as Chief Engineer.  Eventually this tour came to an end and he spent the next several years as a rotating officer on Earth, exploring his mother’s home planet and trying to build a life for himself.

While on Earth, he was able to be an Admiral’s personal technician to a waste management engineer, shuttlecraft pilot, and even do security for Starfleet Communications.  This would light a fire under him and during his two year stint on Earth, he was put in more security details and eventually would make a permanent change after becoming a temporary Assistant Chief of Security at Starbase One.  While this time was nothing glorious and he was only one of twenty Assistant Chief’s on the station, he would challenge himself to become better in security.  He would go through tactical drills, phaser ranges, escort duty, and so much more and found himself getting sucked into the department.  His engineering skills were also invaluable, making him one of the fastest and most reliable technicians on the Starbase One security team.  But, this stint on Starbase One and several more on Earth felt temporary and he wanted to see more of the galaxy again.  He wants to find the love he had with Wintrow, and to make a change in his life for the better so he may become better than he’s been before.


Shron tries to be nice, and is usually a happy-go lucky kind of person but he’s also afraid to attach himself to people. His parents weren’t usually there for him and neither were his grandparents, he tries to constantly busy himself and stay moving. That way nothing can hurt him for long. He is a dedicated person who is always willing to put himself first before others and get the job done.

Service Record

  • USS Sarek internship – 2 years
  • Starfleet Academy – 3 1/2 years
  • USS Sarek – 6 months
  • Earth Rotating Assignments – 4 years

Date of Service: Shron Ezlam came aboard the Hiroshima on 24 September 2020. OOC, departed on 9 September 2021 but will remain aboard IC as an NPC until the next IC opportunity to set him ashore.

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