Recreational Facilities


Fully customizable, Hiroshima’s holodecks provide the opportunity to interactively explore new situations and events. Integrated replicator systems provide realistic food and beverage, as well as other tangible sensory stimulation, while programs are either saved to the main core or brought via isolinear chips.

Note: Only holoprograms that meet the conditions and requirements of Starfleet Regulations are permitted. Violators are subject to disciplinary action.

How Holodecks work:

The basic mechanism behind the Holoscene is the omni-directional holo diode (OHD), a microminiature device that can project full-color stereoscopic images and force fields in three dimensions.

The walls of a Holoscene are covered with millions of OHD’s, under dedicated high-speed computer control.  OHD’s manipulate tiny and subtle force fields, allowing an individual to “feel” projected objects that are not really there.  Other (inanimate) objects can be physically created by replicator matter conversion.

Shaped force fields and background imagery allow a visitor to experience volumes and distances apparently larger than the Holocene room could physically accommodate.  Force fields create a “treadmill” effect, so a user could walk or run over seemingly great distances while the projected scenery scrolls by.

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