Our RP: NPC Policy

The Hiroshima encourages the use of non-player characters (NPCs) in your writing. Indeed, we also allow protected NPCs (PNPCs) which means that only the player who created the character may use that NPC.

However, we also stipulate the following:

  • NPCs must not constitute the majority of your writing focus. You must principally post using your player character (and, if you like, one or two frequently-recurring PNPCs), and use other NPCs as a support only.
  • You may not create a department head-level NPC (or above) without the permission of the CO. Captain Yearling is usually quite amenable, though, so email him…
  • No NPC with the rank of Lieutenant (JG) or above may be created without the permission of the CO. This is to prevent chain-of-command issues more than anything.
  • As with player characters (PCs), if you wish to use a PNPC in a post, you must have the permission of the writer who created that character. We value our PNPCs as much as our PCs in many cases, so please don’t use them without permission.
  • When using NPCs from other departments, it is expected etiquette to consult the relevant department head, if one is in place, before so doing. Whilst not a requirement, this helps to keep department heads in the loop about what is going on.

Other than that… you got it, but please try to use NPCs in a sensible manner, and if possible, to advance the plot. Remember that clever use of non-player characters may also draw recognition in the form of awards, too…