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Applications: Common Questions

Why do most new crew start at the rank of Lieutenant (JG) or equivalent, even if the character previously had a higher rank on another sim?

The question has often been put to us as to why a higher rank is not granted to our new players, despite the quality of their applications, or we are asked why we will not sustain a rank a player has obtained on another platform.

There can be many reasons for this, but the primary reason why the Hiroshima requires that new characters start at LTJG or ENS is that we prefer to provide a fair starting point for all new players. Some members of this sim have worked for years to develop their characters and earn their ranks, promotions being based on the judgment of this command team and not others. Many sims promote more frequently than the Hiroshima, and some less so. It's a balancing act between sticking to realism and acknowledging players' commitment to the sim - although months and even years might pass in RL, only a handful of weeks might've passed in the game's story. In order to maintain a level of consistency in rewards for excellent service, therefore, except in very rare circumstances, all commissioned characters will start at LTJG (department heads/certain junior roles) or ENS (junior officers).

There are, however, other reasons at times, such as the position the player has applied for, the ranks of other players in that department or on the sim at large, or if a character or a circumstance is sufficiently exceptional to merit waiving this rule. This is very rare, however. If you feel your situation merits this, please use the 'Anything Else?' box on the application form and explain in detail your reasons.

Why doesn't the USS Hiroshima offer 'X' department?

Depends on which department you care to nominate. The Hiroshima's writers have a good deal of experience of what works and what doesn't, generally speaking, on sims, and it's through experience that we've determined what's available for application. Most commonly, though, we're asked about the following:

- Marine Detachment: Surely a starship as big as a Nebula should have a Marine representation, given that the Fleet has them at large and the ship's official specifications mention them?

Not necessarily. We have no issue with Marines, but in the past, it's been hard to determine where jurisdiction lies between Security and the Marines. Experience has shown us that the same objectives can be achieved by Security IC as can be achieved by Marines. Given the mission-types that the Hiroshima engages in and the jurisdictional issues that have arisen and would arise, there is limited writing opportunity available for Marines and we don't offer them on the ship.

- Admiralty roles: You have the department, but there are no open positions?

The USS Hiroshima is one of Obsidian Fleet's flagships and carries the flag of Fleet Admiral Ajon Mox, formerly of the Joint Fleet Command and NPCed by Captain Yearling whenever we need a visit from a member of the brass. Although he is usually not aboard, we offer aide and adjutant positions to him. Contact us if you'd like to discuss such a role.

- Starfighter Detachment: again, why don't you have one?

For many of the same reasons as we don't carry Marines. Our missions don't often require fighter craft and, whenever we do, we find it more interesting to have to employ shuttles or runabouts to carry out tactical duties.

- Something else seems to be missing!

Contact us and ask us if you're interested in a position that isn't listed on the roster!

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