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Lieutenant (JG) Aev Valuma


Aev Valuma, a 63 year old Romulan outcast, is the Hiroshima's Assistant Chief of Science, and something of an oddity as far as Romulans are concerned.

Character History

Born on Romulus to a family not of any note, Aev was the normal child in the class. Grades were average and his work was nothing exceptional, yet there was something in him that pushed him to continue to do what he enjoyed and that was the sciences. Aev’s childhood was what could be expected for a run of the mill family, they didn’t have a lot of resources, they didn’t own any land and his parents both worked long hard hours to feed and clothe him and his 3 siblings. As a child Aev found it hard to make friends, he was not like the other boys his age, he didn’t play the sports they did, he didn’t like to hunt and by the time he was a teenager the others had started to develop the typical Romulan trait of paranoia and started to go down the path of the dog-eat-dog world that had developed. Aev remained true to himself, much to the scorn of his older sisters, and refused to believe that his neighbours and extended family were spying for the Tal’Shiar or the government. This alienated him from his community, often the subject to verbal and sometimes physical abuse, but he knew there was a better life for him beyond this, or at least he prayed that there was as he couldn’t doing what he would be doing for the remainder of his life. It was one cold dark night on his way home from class that his life took a turn, he was walking home through the streets alone as usual, but by this time, they had usually emptied. The district he lived in was a very working class area and the people lived their lives around their jobs, but unlike other nights, he was not alone. Some of his peers thought him flawed and should have been disposed of at birth, his ‘kind’ was not accepted and this has been subject matter for the abuse over the years. At the age of 20 this would change, he had been considered ‘fit’ to become a Romulan Citizen and was set to join the military. He was thinking about his future as he walked quietly down the street to his home when the sound of footsteps peaked his attention, he turned to see nothing but the dark street behind him. Shrugging it off he turned back and continued down, his gaze upon the floor beneath him as usual, “Aev!” he heard from behind him, he turned to see someone he had grown rather attached too and smiled but the look on their face came into focus as they drew closer and then they drew a weapon, startled he froze but he could see they were not aiming at him and as turned to see what they were aiming at everything fell dark. Aev woke up 8 months after the attack, he had almost been killed and if it wasn’t for his friend he would have. His family, never overly loving, had stopped coming to see him and his friend was no longer on Romulus but had left a handwritten letter to Aev and in it explained everything and they confessed their love for him. That letter would follow him everywhere he went, a reminder that not everything is as bad as it seems. It would take Aev almost 2 years to get back on his feet and in a position where he could be a constructive member of society. The attack had left him with a head wound that the doctors said would never fully heal, he would never be able to take up arms and fight in the military as a soldier. He felt abandoned, he had nothing, no money and no family to depend upon and it fell to the hospital staff to care for him while he found something to do. It was by chance that he would meet a human who was visiting Romulus as part of a Romulan-Federation scientific research project that they got talking about why long term patients were in the hospital so long and what they needed. As they talked and she listened to his story she informed him that the Federation would happily listen to his situation and even suggested that he look at Starfleet as a career, the disability which affected his hand-eye coordination would not severely hinder him. As soon as they finished their chance encounter he headed over to the administrator of the facility and asked that he support the process, seeing it as ‘another one gone’ situation the administrator agreed to support Aev’s application to join Starfleet. Months would pass before Aev heard anything from Starfleet, in the meantime he had picked up his studies in case they rejected the application. He was facing joining Romulan Intelligence as a last resort, they would provide a small home and wage so he could survive and he would have a job at least. As he studied late one night he received a call from Earth, the Romulan woman explained it was from Starfleet Headquarters on Earth and someone wished to speak to him. He agreed to take the call, all parties knew that the channel would be monitored but a young handsome face greeted him, “Aev Valuma?” he asked. Aev couldn’t speak but nodded with a smile, “Excellent, I am Lieutenant Sharr, I’ve been looking over your application on behalf of The Federation and Starfleet. After a discussion with your government, they have agreed to allow you to transfer to Starfleet Academy to become an officer. I wanted to give you a personal call instead of sending a message; I didn’t think good news should be done so coldly. So we would formally ask if you want to continue with this application and come to Earth?” “Yes!” Aev shouted, he clasped a hand over his mouth, “I’m sorry, Mr Sharr. I… “ Sharr nodded with a smile, “I understand, I read your application. We have the U.S.S. Vera in orbit of Romulus, they have returned to collect a few of our scientists and return some equipment of the Star Empire’s. If you could pack your things and report to the Vera before 0600 your time, the Captain will be waiting for you. I have arranged for the Vera to have accommodation for you, I understand how daunting this might be so we have given you one to yourself. When you arrive I shall be your sponsor for the first month to allow you to settle in and to answer any questions that you might have, or just chat. Any questions?” “N.. no, thank you so much!” “No need to thank me, we shall see you in a few weeks. Have a safe journey Mr Valuma. Sharr out.” As the Starfleet logo faded into that of the RSE’s Aev sat and stared at the screen, did that just happen? Could he have just had something go right? He had been accepted into the Federation, into Starfleet, without any opposition from his government. Whatever just happened he had not been so happy in his life. The travel time to Earth passed in a blink of an eye for Aev, he studied Earth, the Federation and Starfleet. He even looked up his sponsor and learned all he could of him, he didn’t want to be unprepared for his new life, it was a chapter that showed promise and he couldn’t let anyone down. Starfleet Academy was good to Aev, they supported him in the physical classes where he needed aids and understood that he would not be able to become a perfect shot with a phaser, though what he lacked in score for that he was able to make up in physical combat. His hand-eye coordination was off, the targets and his peers were big enough for him to compensate for. Though the physical side of things he considered fun, he enjoyed the sciences more. Starfleet presented them in a fascinating way, nothing like the Empire’s, it was engaging and open to discussion. Four years at the Academy had flown, he was graduating in the class of 2356 and he wasn’t bottom of the class like he would have been on Romulus, he had made friends and though some distrusted him because he was Romulan, most had come to love him for who he was. His first assignment was on the U.S.S. Vera, the same ship that had ferried him from Romulus to Earth. He joined their scientific team and would remain there for 3 years until he was reassigned to Starfleet HQ to work in their main research facility as part of a special project, he had been responsible for the Biological impact that their project could have, how it affected different species and what could be done to mitigate any danger, it fell within his love of biology and chemistry’s intricate interactions. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2365, the last of his class to receive any kind of promotion but to him this was not important, the work he did was, regardless of where he did it and how many people reported to him. No, he enjoyed his new life and had started to make a handful of friends along the way. 2366 saw a turbulent year for Aev, with the Romulan scout ship, Pi, crashing on a Federation planet and it being discovered to be a covert operations vessel, the Federation and RSE almost went to war and being one of the few Romulans to ever be in Starfleet he could feel the tension. His other assignments, the U.S.S. York and Starfleet HQ again, saw him develop more as a person and scientist than as any part of a career, he enjoyed the challenges that came his way and enjoyed helping others with their projects. This was recognised on his transfer to Starfleet HQ in 2378 when he was promoted to Department Manager, he was given a small team of Starfleet and civilian scientists to oversee and tight deadlines to hit and he happily took these challenges, for when things seemed too tough, or too harsh. He would think back to his life on Romulus and what would have happened to him if he had stayed. He could have worked for the Tal’Shiar, while he loved the Romulan Empire, he did not agree with their methods. 2392 – A year of hope for Aev, an opening had become available on the U.S.S. Hiroshima and she was currently being refitted and their Chief of Sciences had recently been reassigned, Aev jumped at the chance to work on a Flagship of the Federation and put his name forward.


Quiet with introverted intuition and a love of humour. Often remaining quiet when nothing needs to be said but has learned to engage in small talk outside of ‘office hours’ and has come to enjoy that part of his new life. An extraverted thinker, when in charge or running with a project his thoughts are made aloud and often bounces ideas off others who join in.

He keeps his own personal feelings inside, often considered an introverted feeler, he sees no need to burden others with his own private thoughts and often hides these kind of feelings, the strong emotions, to himself, though with that in mind he isn’t unknown to pick up on how others are feeling and provide some small level of support or advice.

Service Record

2352 – Joined Starfleet Academy
2356 – Completed academy
2356 – Assigned to U.S.S. Vera, Scientist
2358 – Project Management Assistant
2359 – Reassigned; Starfleet HQ (Sciences) Project Manager
2365 – Promotion: Lieutenant (j.g)
2365 – Reassigned; U.S.S York – Assistant Head of Biological Sciences
2378 – Reassigned; Starfleet HQ (Sciences) Department Manager, biological sciences
2392 – Reassigned; U.S.S. Hiroshima, Chief Science Officer
2393 - U.S.S. Hiroshima, Assistant Chief Science Officer


Aev has let his hair grow out from the normal Romulan style, it now covers his ears in something of a bed-messy style. It also serves to cover the scar along the left side of his head where he received a traumatic blow. Aev has a youthful face, it helps him be accepted by others and often reflects how he feels, now having a more positive and pleasant outlook on his life.

Languages spoken



Outstanding Volunteer Award

Mission Ribbons

Hiroshima-A Service Medal

Sim Awards

Gold Unit of Merit Quarter 1 2021

Silver Unit of Merit (Sept 2021Silver Unit of Merit (Mar 2021

Sim of the Year (2008)Gold Unit Award of Merit (DEC 2008, JUL 2009, DEC 2012, QUARTER 1 2021)Silver Unit Award of Merit (Jan 2006, Jan 2007, Jun 2008, Feb 2009, Mar 2011)Silver Unit Award of Merit (Sixth & Subsequent Awards - Feb 2012, October 2013, March 2017, Mar 2021, Sept 2021)Bronze Unit Award of Merit (March and September 2006, April 2007, July 2007, January 2008)Bronze Unit Award of Merit (March 2008, October 2008, June 2010, November 2014)
Obsidian Fleet Sim of the Month (Feb 2005)Joint Service Commendation Medal (Second Star for third Joint Mission) Tour of Duty: Romulan (Star for second award)Tour of Duty: KlingonTour of Duty: Deep SpaceTour of Duty: BreenTour of Duty: CardassianTour of Duty: Borg

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